The Uthlid estate is among the largest ones of the country and its largest part consists of the well-vegetated lava field Uthlidarhraun which is popular for outdoor activity.  Many easy to go hiking trails can be found in the bush grown lava field and also more demanding trails up to the spectacular 200 meters deep Brúarárskörð gorge where the water springs out of both sides of the mountain walls.  On the east side of the gorge rises Hognhofdi, a 1010 m. high mountain which can be walked up in 3-4 hours from the roots without technical assistance (ropes, axes, etc.) but good hiking boots are recommended.

From the farm Uthlid to Bruararskord and Hognhofdi is about 10. km long private road passable for all jeeps and most 4×4 cars. Travelers are requested to contact the reception before they go.

We offer a drive to Bruararskod for 8000 kr. pr trip with 1-4 people.  A guided tours to Bruararskord  and Hognhofdi can also be arranged.

Scroll down this page to see pictures.   Pictures can  be found by googling the words Bruararskod and Hognhofdi, i.e. here and here.


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