The name of our house is Brattabrekka which means something like “a hill with big slope”.

Please go through all the information below before you start your trip.

Location and directions:

To Uthlid is about 100 km asphalt road from Reykjavik, 100 km. Drive road nr 1. Then turn left road 35 before you arrive Selfoss. Then turn left road 37 via Laugarvatn.

Outside winter time the shortest way is through Thingvellir (Þingvallavegur 36) and Laugarvatn. Around 90 km.

You will see a road sign “Uthlid” about 10 km before you come to Geysir. There is a blue church a prominent symbol and you drive up the road towards the Church, turn to right and Brattabrekka is the third (last) cottage.  Take a look at the pictures below.

GPS coordinates are 64.27665, -20.44709

On the picture below you can see the directions to Uthlid from Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik

Global map

Here is a local area map:


And on the next two pictures you can see the house itself and where to turn from road 37



Guest instructions:

If you have any questions please contact me:
Via airbnb, via email to or  phone +354 891 6107

Check-in time is flexible but let me know if you want to check in earlier than 16:00

If you want to go straight to the house, the key is in a keybox outside the store door with code 2345

If you want to be escorted to the house then go to the reception and restaurant for Uthlid Cottages.   You take the next turn from the main road where you see the road sign “Uthlid Cottages”.   See also:

Notice; to lock the door you need to pull up the door-handle

Check-out time is until 12:00.

Leave all things in order, clean kitchen equipment, take away garbage and remove excessive dirt.  You can throw trash in the garbage bins outside the second next house where we live. paper in the blue one and everything else in the other.

Lock the door and leave the key in the keybox.

House rules:
This is a non-smoking household

Ask for permission if you want to keep animals with you.

Take care of the hot water because it‘s very hot.

Help us to conserve water and turn off the hot tubs when not using them.

The cottage is provided with made up beds and towels.

The cottage is self-catering with everything to cook and eat.

Hot tub:
The cottage has a private hot tub and the control is by a blender straight in front of you when you open the store door.  The blender is just like normal shower blender, heat control to right and flow to left.  It should be in correct position when you arrive.  If you need to adjust, only do little.

The hot water is geothermal and you can find a little smell from it.  It is because of the sulfur which is totally harmless and some say is very healthy for your skin and teeths.

Sometimes you can also see small white flakes in the hot tub.  It is the sulfur, the same material as in the Blue Lagoon etc.



The wifi code in the cottage is: uthlid23456  (or Uthlid2021)

Weather forecasts:

Aurora forecasts:

Uthlid is easily reachable, only 100 km from Reykjavik and asphalt road all the way.

During winter time from November to April we recommend our guests to rent a 4×4 car with spike tires.

General information about the Icelandic road system can be found here:

Driving instructions in Iceland:

Traffic map for South Iceland:

Two local car machiners are in Laugarvatn (around 20 km from Uthlid)
Jón Thor: +354 893 1607
Valberg: +354 486 8600  or  +354 775 2620

Local attractions and services:

Uthlid Travel Service  (In walking distance)
Simple food store with basic food like bread, cereals, butter, milk, drinks, cheese etc.
Restaurant open during check-in hours
Horse rental and swimming pool during summer time

Geysir (10 km)
General info:

Gullfoss (25 km)
General info:
Snowmobile tours and river rafting:

Efstidalur (10 km)
Restaurant with local food, looking through window into the cowhouse:

Kjoastadir (15 km)
Horse rental.  

Reykholt (15 km)
Restaurant, tomato farm and horse show:
Family owned food store with products from local farmers: Bjarnabud

Laugarvatn (18 km)
Food store:

Fludir (25 km)
Natural swimming pool:
Ethiopic restaurant:
Food store:

Syðra Langholt (30 km)
Horse rental:

Laugarás (20 km)
Animal garden:
Local Health care: +354 432 2770
Local Pharmacy (Lyfja): +354 486 8655

Secret local (tours and adventures)

South Iceland in general

Emergencies / Health care:
Local Health care: Heilsugæslan Laugarási +354 432 2770
Local Pharmacy: Lyfja Laugarási +354 486 8655

South Iceland Health Care open 24/7
Phone: 1700

Addressee: Árvegur Selfoss

For any medical, Police or Fire Department emergency dial 112

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