All trips are great riding tours around the unspoiled and beautiful landscape of Úthlíð.

Riding tour to the mountains, ended on small hill, Kolgrímshóll -“Coal man-hill”.We hike to the top of the hill. The road is easy and there is a story of an old man making charcoal from the wood there in ancient times.
2 hours trip
Price: 10.000 kr.

Around Miðfell – Miðfellshringur
3 hour trip around the mountain Miðfell.
Price: 15.000 kr.

3 hour trip to the waterfall Brúarárfoss.
Price: 15.000 kr

One day trip to the beautiful canyon Brúarárskörð. Riding to the canyon around unspoiled nature of Úthlíð, stop once on the road to the canyon, and walk to see where the river Brúará come out of the rock and then riding back home.
Day trip
Price: 20.000 kr.

One day trip to the Great Geysir, the famous geysers. At Geyris we stop and have some meal at Glíma museum.
One day
Price: 20.000 kr.